Weekly Catalog Update for 10/24

PLCB spirits catalog changes for the week of October 24th:

New in-store and online products:
  • High West Silver Whiskey OMG Pure Rye Utah 750ML (#030339, Online, $41.99)
  • High West Whiskey Son of Bourye Utah 750ML (#030440, Online, $41.99)
As far as I can tell, PA is the first market in the US to see these new products from High West, other than the on-site store at the distillery of course. The OMG silver rye is an attempt to replicate the distinctive "Old Monongahela" whiskey from Western PA in the early 19th century, and to my knowledge they're the only distillery trying to produce a whiskey of this style. I can't wait to see how the aged product turns out. "Son of Bourye," as the name implies, is a younger (and cheaper) version of their existing Bourye whiskey, an interesting blend of both bourbon and rye.

Products back in stock online:
  • 2012 Luna Nueva Reposado Tequila 750ML (#030808, Online, $49.49)
  • Whistle Pig 10 Year Old Rye Whiskey Vermont 750ML (#030668, Online, $69.99)

In-store products moved to closeout:
  • Stolichnaya Vanil Vanilla Flav. Imp. Vodka 1.75 L (#006086, Regular, $35.99)

Delisted SLO products:
  • Bushmills 10 Yr 750 ML (#061823, SLO, $36.99)
  • Bushmills 21 Yr 750 ML (#056501, SLO, $99.99)
  • Don Julio Repo 750 ML (#056749, SLO, $49.99)
  • Four Roses 100th Anniversary Limited Edition Single Barrel 750 ML (#503274, SLO, $78.89)
  • Laphroaig Triple Wood Scotch 750 ML (#514722, SLO, $62.59)
  • Midleton Rare Vintage Irish Whiskey 750 ML (#500150, SLO, $141.09)
  • Old Overholt Rye 750 ML (#500162, SLO, $17.89)
Don Julio Reposado and Old Overholt are both available in stores.

Reactivated SLO products:
  • Ardbeg Uigeadail 750 ML (#068984, SLO, $74.99)
  • Balvenie 12 Year Old Signature Scotch 750 ML (#506511, SLO, $67.99)
  • Courvoisier Cognac L'Essence 750 ML (#507663, SLO, $2620.69)
  • DeKuyper Pomegranate Schnapps 1 L (#068939, SLO, $14.09)
  • El Conde Azul Tequila Anejo 750 ML (#056852, SLO, $84.99)

New SLO products:
  • Casa Noble Tequila Anejo 5 Year Single Barrel 750 ML (#517022, SLO, $120.39)
  • El Tequileno 50 Anniversaio Anejo Tequila 750 ML (#517015, SLO, $53.99)
  • Sam Houston American Straight Whiskey 750 ML (#517062, SLO, $31.29)
  • Voli Vodka Lemon 750 ML (#517031, SLO, $27.09)
  • Voli Vodka Orange Vanilla 750 ML (#517032, SLO, $27.09)
I learned recently that El Tequileño is made by a member of the Cuervo family, Jorge Salles Cuervo, which explains why El Tequileño tastes strikingly similar to Jose Cuervo Especial. That's not a complaint, necessary--it's certainly a much higher quality than Especial--but the family resemblance is uncanny.

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