About the PLCB Users Group

The PLCB Users Group is a website and blog written by Nathan Lutchansky about distilled spirits available through the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, whose retail stores are the only legal source of wines and spirits in Pennsylvania.

I am a member of the Cocktail & Spirits Online Writer's Group (CSOWG).

About the Spirits Product Guide

The PLCB Users Group Spirits Product Guide is a customer-friendly catalog system which lists the spirits available through PLCB retail stores. The catalog data originates from the official PLCB product catalog, and is supplemented with additional data provided by the PLCB Users Group.

The Guide is synchronized with the official PLCB product catalog three times a week.  It only includes distilled spirits.  It does NOT include:

  • Wines, except aperitifs and vermouths
  • Pre-mixed cocktails and ready-to-drink ("RTD") products
  • Non-alcoholic mixers, non-potable bitters, and accessories
If you find an error in the Guide, please email me using the contact information below.


This website not affiliated with or endorsed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania or any government body.

While I do not receive monetary compensation from anybody for anything I write here, I occasionally receive product samples and other marketing give-aways from producers, importers, distributors and marketing agencies. Such consideration is accepted on the understanding that my opinions are not for sale, and there is no guarantee that the product will even be mentioned on the site, much less given positive reviews.

Contact Information

The best way to reach me is to send email to my Gmail account "plcbusersgroup". You can also find my main email address if you Google for me, but I use pretty strict spam filtering so you should put my first name near the top of the message to make your email isn't filtered into the trash.

User comments have been disabled due to extensive problems with comment spam. Our apologies for the inconvenience.

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