Weekly Catalog Update for 8/29

PLCB spirits catalog changes for the week of August 29th:

New in-store and online products:
  • Arnold Palmer Half and Half Pomegranate Non Alcoholic 1182 ML (#030301, Regular, $4.99)
  • Buffalo Trace Straight Rye Mash White Dog 375ML (#030502, Online, $15.99)
  • Double Barrel 10 Year Old Blended Scotch Whisky 750ML (#030837, Online, $63.99)
  • Double Cross Vodka 750 ML (#003943, Regular, $39.99)
  • E J XO Brandy 1.75 L (#003955, Regular, $24.99)
  • El Charro Reposado 750 ML (#004153, Regular, $19.99)
  • Michter's 10 Year Old Single Barrel Bourbon 750ML (#010934, Online, $81.49)
  • Nolet Silver Dry Gin 750 ML (#003889, Limit Dist, $49.99)
  • Pinnacle Gummy Vodka 750 ML (#004154, Regular, $14.99)
  • RumChata Cream Liqueur 750ML (#030327, Online, $24.99)
  • Vice Pure Spirit Wine Cocktail Canada 750ML (#030427, Online, $38.99)
  • Whipped Jack Rum 750 ML (#004164, Regular, $10.99)
Nolet Silver Gin, made by the same distillery that makes Ketel One Vodka and a bunch of good genever that you can't get in the US, started to arrive in specialty spirits stores last week. At $50 it's a bit overpriced for my taste, but that's nothing compared to the Nolet Reserve Gin, which sells for nearly $700 per bottle. No, that is not a typo. No, the PLCB will not be stocking it.

RumChata is a cream liqueur that tastes similar to the traditional Mexican drink horchata, a sweetened mixture of rice, milk and cinnamon. It's showing up on a lot of back bars and cocktail menus in my area, so I guess it works well for mixing. I'll be picking up a bottle.

White Rock Distilleries has taken upon itself to adapt the whipped cream vodka trend to the flavored rum category. I guess "Whipped Jack" invokes the line's pirate theme well enough, no?

Products back in stock online:
  • Belvedere Vodka Poland 750ML (#008435, Online, $30.99)
  • Ciroc Super Premium Vodka France 750ML (#004224, Online, $31.99)
  • El Mayor Extra Anejo Tequila 750ML (#010037, Online, $99.99)
  • Glenfiddich 15 Year Old Distillery Edition 750ML (#010906, Online, $59.99)
  • Glenfiddich 21 Year Old Gran Reserve Scotch 750ML (#010907, Online, $129.99)
  • Kubler Absinthe Superieure 1.0L (#010800, Online, $37.99)
  • Michter's US 1 Bourbon 750ML (#009655, Online, $34.99)
  • Patron Anejo 750ML (#003145, Online, $51.99)
  • St George Absinthe Verte 750ML (#010845, Online, $74.99)
  • Tanqueray No. Ten 750ML (#006679, Online, $28.99)
  • Tommy Bahama Rum 750ML (#009059, Online, $19.99)
  • Tub Gin 750ML (#003470, Online, $30.99)
  • Wild Turkey Tradition 14 Year Old 750ML (#003149, Online, $63.99)
Many of these items have been drifting in and out of the online catalog due to some internal database issues, but they've all been confirmed to be in stock, so order away.

Delisted SLO products:
  • Bols Pumpkin Smash Liqueur 750 ML (#071292, SLO, $13.49)
  • Karlssons Gold Vodka 750 ML (#041508, SLO, $31.29)
  • Smirnoff Coconut Vodka 1 L (#513941, SLO, $14.99)
  • Van Gogh Pineapple 750 ML (#068846, SLO, $21.39)

Reactivated SLO products:
  • Admiral Berentzen Pear 750 ML (#500621, SLO, $18.79)

New SLO products:
  • Amrut Fusion Single Malt Whisky 750 ML (#515496, SLO, $66.59)
  • Amrut Intermediate Sherry Single Malt Whisky 750 ML (#515498, SLO, $125.09)
  • Amrut Old Port Rum 750 ML (#515499, SLO, $19.99)
  • Amrut Peated Single Malt Whisky 750 ML (#515495, SLO, $63.39)
  • Amrut Single Malt Whisky 750 ML (#515494, SLO, $49.69)
  • Glenglassaugh Highland Single Malt Scotch 26 Year 750 ML (#515500, SLO, $250.99)
  • Mauro Vergano Nebbiolo Chinato Non Vintage 500 ML (#515385, SLO, $57.09)
  • Mauro Vergano Vermouth Bianco Non Vintage 750 ML (#515386, SLO, $57.29)
  • Pinnacle Vodka Marshmallow 1 L (#515476, SLO, $15.59)
  • Still Waters Single Malt Vodka 750 ML (#515501, SLO, $39.19)
Amrut is a whisky maker in India, of all places. Historically, India has a horrible reputation for their "whisky" because it wasn't whisky at all--it was low-quality sugarcane spirit flavored with additives and then put in a fancy bottle labeled with the words "Scotch Whisky" and a Scottish-sounding brand name.

The Scotch Whisky Association, along with the rest of the world, thought this was a complete abomination and fought for decades to prevent Indian whisky from being labeled as Scotch outside of India. In response, the Indian producers suggested that everyone should be more open-minded about spirit category definitions, and dismissed the SWA's complaints as "pure protectionism." The issue was finally resolved earlier this year, when the Indian government agreed to protect the term "Scotch" and allow its use only on whiskies produced in Scotland.

Getting back to Amrut, for decades they produced typical sugarcane-based "whisky" but in the '80s began making some real malt whisky to blend into their sugarcane spirit as a flavoring agent. Eventually they decided they had enough aged malt that they could bottle it by itself, creating a true Indian single malt. This was first released in the UK in 2004 and was by all accounts a good whisky from the get-go, but years went by before anybody took it seriously.

Their big break came when Jim Murray named Amrut Fusion as the "Third Finest Whisky in the World" for 2010, and soon after, Amrut entered the US market with great fanfare.

Except for the cask-strength bottlings, the full US Amrut range is now available in Pennsylvania through Dreadnought Imports, a boutique distributor here in Pittsburgh. There is a six-bottle minimum for ordering, but this can be waived if you stop by Dreadnought's storefront on Penn Ave in the Strip and place your order in person.

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